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When will I receive my Trading Planner Pro in English?


12-month planner with a daily log system to achieve your goal of being a profitable and consistent Professional Trader. It is designed without dates so you can start at any time.
In the first sheets of the planner you will find all the instructions so that you can make the most of each section.

Achieving big goals in your life comes from taking small steps to win the day.
My Trading Planner Pro gives you that structure on what you have to do.

My Trading Planner Pro makes you aware of your process. When you have something on your desk next to you, you don't ignore it, you write it down and make it a habit.

Make success inevitable
Success follows consistency and daily action. Use this diary to record your process as a trader to improve day by day in your process.

Planning at various levels
My Trading Planner Pro is divided into different sections that helps you review your goals from a daily, weekly and yearly perspective.

My Trading Planner Pro

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