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People who request shipments outside of Colombia, their purchase may be subject to nationalization costs. These costs vary depending on the country, therefore they are assumed by each client who makes the purchase. Please make sure you know the nationalization costs of your country or import policies before placing your order.

To take into account:

Shipments that are rejected by the user for not making the nationalization payment will not receive a refund of the shipping costs. After the package is received again in Medellín Colombia, the user will be informed of the status and the amount of their refund.

The shipping time in transit can be from 15 to 20 calendar days, each office in each country has the right to extend these days, which may delay delivery for a few days.

It should be taken into account that the payment is confirmed the next business day after the buy is made and from that day the delivery days will begin to be counted. Therefore, if payment is made on Friday, the next business day will be Monday.

If the order is not received at the delivery address indicated after three visits by the carrier, the product will be returned to the facilities in Medellín, your order will be canceled and the process of returning your money will begin after reviewing the costs of return of the shipment that are assumed by the customer.

Hours of Operation

Our shipping department is open Monday through Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. New York Time. We close Colombian holidays.

To receive a response please allow us approximately 2 calendar days for a response from us.

If after making the purchase, I regret it and no longer want the product?
You have 12 hours to cancel the order after the purchase has been made. If in the shipping process our team made the shipping guides with the transport provider, it is not possible to make a full refund. The shipping must be discounted to make a money refund.

My order does not arrive. What I can do?

1. Deliveries are made in a maximum period of 30 days, if at this time you do not have clear information about your order, send an email to with the following information:

a. Guide number
b. Date of purchase
c. Guide tracker (Optional)

2. We proceed to review what happened to your order and you will be given a maximum response in 2 business days.

The transport company tried to deliver the product 3 times and it was not delivered. What I can do?

1. Deliveries are made in a maximum period of 30 days, if at this time you do not have clear information about your order, send an email to with the following information

a. Guide number
b. Date of purchase
c. Guide tracker (Optional)

2. We proceed to review what happened to your shipment and you will be given a maximum response in 2 business days.

3. If the reasons for delay is that the delivered company had 3 failed delivery attempts, we must proceed to wait for the product to return to Medellín again. We proceed to generate a new charge for shipping and once the payment for the new shipment has been received from the customer, we proceed to send the product again.

a. If the client does not make the new payment for the new shipment, the costs incurred in the return of the product by the carrier are deducted from the payment of the product. The remaining value is reimbursed to the customer in a period of 2 weeks.
b. If the payment of this new shipment is accepted, a payment link for this value is generated. Once the payment is made, the product is sent again.

The packaging of the product arrived beaten or mistreated. What can I do?

1. Inside our facilities we make sure that each product is packed in the best way. If the box arrives with some damage, you should not receive it and you must immediately inform that you did not receive the product because the packaging is in poor condition.

2. You must make clear to the carrier the reasons why you are not receiving the box. This is very important to leave in writing to validate with them.
You must take a photo of the damaged product and attach it to the email that you must send us.

3. If you get to receive the product, we cannot be responsible for possible returns.

I have received another product, not the one I ordered. What can I do?

1. You must send an email With a photo of the product reporting what happened.

2. The response to this email is maximum 2 working days, you will be given instructions on how to proceed so that you receive the product you ordered.

What can I do if the product has arrived but I regretted and no longer want it?

Once the product arrives in perfect condition, it is not possible to make a return. You can retract in the first 12 hours of the purchase.

They are informing me that I must pay nationalization taxes. What should I do?

Some purchases that has to be delivered outside of Colombia may be subject to nationalization costs. Each country has a different policy for each product. Therefore these costs must be assumed by the customer who makes the purchase. Before placing an order you must make sure that the nationalization policies and costs are known.

If you decide not to pay customs taxes, the product is returned to its country of origin. Once the product reaches our offices again, the product will be reimbursed after applying the extra costs of returning the product


In the purchase through Oliver Velez Store, the operation is considered as perfected, when the client has accepted the conditions thereof, including the characteristics of the products to be sold and the payment thereof. Compliance with it will be verified in the payment by the customer, and delivery by Oliver Velez Store.

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the product is opened and reviewed before receiving it to their satisfaction and signing the delivery guide. If the product or box arrives with any physical damage, please refrain from receiving it and returning it with the transporter, making the corresponding entry in the guide. Therefore, once the receipt guide is signed to satisfaction, the dispatched product will be understood as accepted. From that moment, there can be no place for claims for missing or alleged nonconformities that had not been announced when verifying the product received.

Returns of products are not accepted for reasons other than those provided by law in compliance with the warranty obligation. Oliver Velez Store is not obliged to change, replace or refund money for reasons beyond the control of Oliver Velez Store, except in cases of exercise of the right of withdrawal, subject to the provisions herein and the provisions of the laws in force.